I'm getting e-mails from wikipedia asking for money! What should I do!?

Answer Sounds like a scam to me. Mark it as spam and forget about it.

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I am getting e-mails regarding winning of lottery of huge amount from UK. is it these mails are belivable?

You shouldn't open unsolicted email from unknown sources. Often what happens is that when you open up spam, it sends back a trigger to the originating source indicating that a valid email address h... Read More »

I got some mails which say that i have won yahoo/msn lottery and asking for my details what should i do?

I wouldn't listen to these guys. They know that not everyone can win the lottery and the fewer people that play the more like that they'll get more money for themselves. You should always investiga... Read More »

Why is Wikipedia asking for money?

It's just force of habit, really. When we last got a summary of their finances, they had between 8 and 11 million dollars sitting in a savings account, earning practically no interest. Meanwhile th... Read More »

Montreal & Toronto Centres For Rotational Atherectomy For Heart. Asking For E-mails and Costs.?

Dr. Florencio GarófaloSteering CommitteePresident Dr. Raúl BretalScientific CommitteePresident Dr. Armando PacherTechnical Committee - CETIFACPresident rbreta... Read More »