Im getting details! PLEASE?

Answer Did you know there are new Braces that come in different shapes(heart,stars...)and different letters of the alphabet(you might be able to write your name!!!)As for the colour fuchsia and navy blue/... Read More »

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CBS channel details Please?

Hey.. it would help to know exactly where you are located. For all I know you could be in India.

Nikon or Canon (DSLR) ... please see details?

Considering your budget, I'd get a Nikon D80 and use the 24-120 lens as your main lens for a while. It will translate into an equivalent of 36-180, so it's not ultra-wide or anything, but it's a d... Read More »

How to connect to the internet.....(please read details)?

You can use both. I would suggest using a static IP (specifying the IP address) on your wired connection and then make sure you do not specify a Gateway in the settings. Also, make sure you have ... Read More »

I keep getting sharp shooting pains in my hand its like getting an electric shot any ideas please?

You have a nerve trapped or damaged somewhere between the neck and the wrist. Carpal tunnel syndrome in the wrist can cause this. Most people have more of a steady pain, but shooting pains instead ... Read More »