Im getting braces tomorrow and im really scared.?

Answer Dont be scared! I wont lie its going to hurt for a while. You wont be able to eat all of your favorite foods because your mouth is going to be sore. But with all the technology they have today its ... Read More »

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Im getting braces, really scared! :(?

don't be scared.i had two teeth out its doesn't hurt getting your braces on but after when you teeth are moving it does.1. have a mould put in (i hate that , you can hardly breathe) might have... Read More »

My daughter is getting braces tomorrow is very scared! She's crying and not wanting to go. Does it hurt?

Usually, the only bad part is the spacers. Or all the extra stuff they can put in with your braces. The Braces themselves never really hurt very badly. I was able to eat and everything- It never hu... Read More »

I'm getting braces tomorrow and I have a really painful mouth ulcer?

Get The Canker Spanker! It's the only thing that has worked for me. It's a pill, so it doesn't irritate the sore, just heals it fast and prevents new breakouts. Look'em up online.

I am so scared i am getting braces on jan.21?

Ok I got braces today at 9:30 and it was sooo easy! They just take out spacers if you got any and replace it with metal bands thay don't hurt. They clean your teeth and stretch it with this lip str... Read More »