Im getting braces tomorrow and im really scared.?

Answer Dont be scared! I wont lie its going to hurt for a while. You wont be able to eat all of your favorite foods because your mouth is going to be sore. But with all the technology they have today its ... Read More »

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My daughter is getting braces tomorrow is very scared! She's crying and not wanting to go. Does it hurt?

Usually, the only bad part is the spacers. Or all the extra stuff they can put in with your braces. The Braces themselves never really hurt very badly. I was able to eat and everything- It never hu... Read More »

Im so scared about my ultrasound tomorrow!!?

I had a pelvic ultrasound on the 9th April, and i was secretly hoping they would find the same thing, however everyone on ya told me that unless i was at least 5 weeks they wouldn't really be able ... Read More »

Going to the dentist tomorrow, scared!?

Well, when it comes to dental pain, I'm the biggest coward going...and I've had lots of cavities and thus numbings. The pain is negligible. Sometimes it doesn't hardly hurt at all, sometimes just... Read More »

I have the dentist tomorrow and i am scared... help?

what does the injection do? Numbs the area of your mouth the Dr. is gonna be working on, lower chin, upper etc.does it hurt? Drs. do the best possible to make it painless, they may use Topical whic... Read More »