Im getting braces soon what color should i get is it gonna be painfull?

Answer I got my braces on on February 14th, it didn't hurt AT ALL! The "procedure" of getting them on is painless. The only pain there is happens AFTER a day of having them on. Your teeth get SUPER sore/t... Read More »

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I'm gonna get braces soon ?

funny thing, you get to choose what color you want your braces to be and if you choose yellow you can show it off to ur friends and say " I got meh some grillz" hehe that wat i did lol some actuall... Read More »

Am I gonna look stupid with braces:L (pic)?

Try asking yourself these questions:1) Do I need braces?2) Will having braces give advantage to my teeth in the future?If the answers are "yes", then it doesn't matter whether having braces looks g... Read More »

What's the point in getting braces if my wisdom teeth are gonna ruin it all ?

knowledge is power. ask the dentist/orthodontist for a recommendation. there are a disproportionate number of needle phobics on this site. i,ve had my wisdom teeth removed. the sooner you do it aft... Read More »

Gettin color bands on braces changed, wat color should i get?

Get silver because they will match the color of the wire and the brackets. That's the color I've been using for two and a half years now.