I'm getting braces, should I take the day off?

Answer I think maybe you should be asking yourself why you're taking so much time off and if you;'ve already made up your mind on this but are just checking that it's a valid reason... are you trying to g... Read More »

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Should I be scared of getting braces?

What should I eat tomarrow; i'm getting braces?

anything sticky, sugary, hard that will be prohibited (or painful to eat) once you get your braces onthink of your fav foods and eatdont worry about being completely full tho, dont stuff yourself b... Read More »

I'm getting braces what colors should i get?

Im getting braces tomarrow anything i should know?

you should be happy you are getting them at your age cuz you will have them off by the time you are 15/16many people get their braces on at 15/16 and are embarrassed they have to get them off when ... Read More »