Im getting braces in a month. what food will i not be able to eat anymore?

Answer Well chewing gum with my orthodontist was okay ONLY if it was sugar free gum. You also can't bite into things like apples, unless they are cut up. Also no popcorn! but i ate it anyways and i was fi... Read More »

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My braces don't hurt anymore , are they not working ?

Yes they are still working your teeth got use to them.. but they will hurt again when you go get them tightened

Getting braces in about a month?

It won't take more than an hour and won't hurt at that tie but it might hurt in few coming days as it might swell and once your mouth get used to it, all will be fine.

I got my braces last month and..?

If you go to the same dentist them most likely it will be the same person, I have had the same dentist and dentist doing my teeth and braces for 9 months.If it is time to tighten your braces then y... Read More »

What is one food that you liked in the past but now don't like anymore?

Bacon. As a kid, I thought it was meat candy just like everyone else, but for the past 5 years or so, it makes me sick every time I eat it and I can't stand the taste.