I`m getting braces in 2 weeks.. Does it hurt alot?

Answer spacers are wat they usely put a week before u put onthe braces. they r used to provide room for the bands, which hold the wires, which hold the braces***pink and light blue are cute colors***NEVER... Read More »

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Im getting braces and im scared cuz alot of pepole are saying its going to hurt like crazzy so i need help?

they only hurt about the first week for me. some people only a day, it depends on you. but after a little while, not that long, you get use to them. i have had mine since the beginning of this year... Read More »

I'm getting braces in less than 2 weeks. How long do they hurt ?

Depends on what they do. Initially, your cheeks will be sore from the new brackets rubbing on them. Trust me, use the dental wax, it definately helps! Your teeth will hurt for a few days to a we... Read More »

Should a retainer hurt , hurt ALOT that is.?

Retainers hurt, it's the truth. They're basically like portable braces that you can remove. It is normal for the retainers to have a bit of discomfort, and they did with me especially after my brac... Read More »

Just got braces and im in alot of discomfort?

The taste should go away. Just gargle with salt & water. They may hurt or be sore tomorrow but you can take a painkiller or ibuprofen. Don't eat hard solid foods, soup is good for the next couple d... Read More »