I'm getting braces in 2 days any tips?

Answer When i got my braces i couldn't eat solids for a few days. Everyone's different so this may not happen to you. So basically what happens is first they'll clean your teeth, then they put fluoride on... Read More »

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Need tips keeping braces clean on long school days?

i m a high school stud too & ive got braces too (got em jus a week back)it feels odd though. on having lunch i feel its better to hav ur teeth jus brushed up. use floss. i do the same. its not emb... Read More »

Im 38W 2 days and started early labor about 5 days ago and wanted some tips speeding things up also is it safe to take cod liver oil to help thanks Sarah?

Answer walking a lot is helpful--- i myself had false labor pain and i walk the whole park 5 times a day and when it was time to give birth it took me 2 hours to have my baby but don't forget the w... Read More »

Getting Braces in 5 days?

First things first: RELAX!!! It's perfectly normal to be worried, but there's really no need. Tip 1: Eat lots of food before you get your braces because you won't be able to eat for about a week af... Read More »

I got braces two days ago..?

When I got braces I didn't floss for about the first week because it hurt too bad but I did brush better to try to make up for it. As long as you do start to floss when your teeth stop hurting it s... Read More »