I'm getting a tatto on my shoulder will it hurt?

Answer only when you realize what diseases come with it...

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Why does my shoulder still hurt?

Dw I had this problem a couple of months ago give it 1 - 2 more weeks deep pending on how you hurt it

Why does the back of my right shoulder hurt when i'm on the computer?

The muscles in your back are tightening up to pull into your shoulder area. They can tighten up for so many different reasons it would be hard to say why they did. Freeing up your back muscles wi... Read More »

URGENT hurt neck, shoulder, back area at cheer practice.?

"URGENT" means that something is life or limb threatening. It also means that you get real (not online) help ASAP.Try heat and Tylenol/ibuprofen. If it doesn't improve, doctor time.

I fell off my bike when i was doin jumps and i am in allot of pain when i run my upper chest and shoulder hurt?

Likely broken ribs. Doctor will tell you what meds to take for pain, and will give you breathing exercises. Takes two to four months to heal, and you'll take the pain meds for that time so you won'... Read More »