I'm getting a new camera and I don't know which one to get. Help me please?

Answer Get a Single Lens Reflex camera with standard 28-80mm lens as you see what you get through the a short beginners photography course so you'll know how to take better photos.Time of day is i... Read More »

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I need to buy a printer but i dont know which one goes with home vista can anyone help please !!!!?

Buy a Canon. has Vista drivers.Edit to below: HP??? Have you seen the price of refills? Compare that with the Canon.

CAMERA LENS HELP! Getting a 60D soon! need to know which to mount.?

the 18-135 is a multi purpose zoom so it can be for telephoto down to wide angle, and i think the 18-200 was just a retaliation by canon from the nikons 18-200mm, if your looking for greater versat... Read More »

Thinking of getting a new camera but dont know whats a better brand?

Brand is not as important as sensor size. A proper DSLR like the EOS Rebel or Nikon D series or Pentax or Sony DSLR cameras will all have a much larger sensor than the Samsung model you mentioned.... Read More »

Please help, I dont know what to do.?

It sounds as if you've just caught the normal flu.Usually, here are some things I do when i'm sick.- get lots and lots of rest.- stick to fluids and no solid foods ( soup is my best friend! )- use ... Read More »