I'm getting Google Lead Services ads on all the websites i visit... why?

Answer in english class my teacher said google takes into account of what you google and makes ads related on it. also facebook and i forget what else

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Why am I being redirected to google sites when I try to visit a public non-google site?

Hi, I have the same issue! And as far as I sweetly know, I havnt broken any rules or conduct, Ive been using the forums at Age of Kings Heaven the same way I have been since I joined. I just was on... Read More »

I'm bored and i would like to know some websites to visit !!!!!!!!!!!!!?

wouldn't you rather go out and play something?pets?make new friends?hi im jackie:)

What are some fun websites for teenagers 2 visit?

http://www.bored.comhttp://www.i-am-bored.com Read More »

What kind of websites get YOU to visit them often?

I like websites that are informative about things i enjoy, i.e:Website Design/DevelopementForumsetc/...I also love websites with fantastic looking design. such as Web 2.0