I'm freaking out i need someones help ! please! Herpes?

Answer It is most likely a cyst or ingrown hair. If it bothers you you can make an appointment with a derm, and have them express it. If it is an ingrown hair it will become painful and red.If it is a c... Read More »

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I'm freaking out please help?

My advice is probably too late for your problem but maybe it will help if there is a next time.You need to get your blood sugar up pronto and keep it up. Drink some juice, milk or even some non ca... Read More »

Help me please it's freaking me out!?

Update and run your Anti-Virus program. Don't have one? You can run a free online scan from Trendmicro. When I have tested it it takes some time to run it but it may be time well spent if it can fi... Read More »

Please help with my period! I'm freaking out!!!?

relax your fine. when i first started my period it was extremely irregular. sometimes i would just skip a month completely. one thing to remember is that there are many things that will cause a pe... Read More »

OMG. Im so badly freaking out someone PLEASE HELP ME (my teeth)?

Okay first of all calm down. second of all you might need implants its sounds like your teeth have decayed to the point where they are falling out,or the roots are gone in which case they might do... Read More »