Im freaked out help me?

Answer I'm so sorry I wish i was beside u rite now it'll be ok though and i'll talk to u tonight love u

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Please help me I am freaked out!!?

Has the loft hatch ever moved on a day when it wasn't windy? That is what you need to ask yourself. If it happened only on the day that was very windy, then you can assume the wind moved it. If ... Read More »

Im scared/freaked out. Help?

yes probably was your reflection. If there was a light behind you then it would intensify the size. And all the creepy stuff in it, was the stuff on the t.v. that made it look creep... Read More »

Why is everyone so freaked out about the Swine Flu?

Because 50 Million people died in 1918 in 1957 2 Million people died, and we are overdue for a worldwide pandemic.

Why is my ear bleeding I am so freaked out right now. Please help!!!!?

go and see a doctor instead of asking unknown people on the internet!