I'm filling out my FAFSA and i'm a little confused...?

Answer You are working on your first bachelors degree. Work study is a job you get on campus. Student loans are money you get from the bank to help pay for your school that you have to pay back with int... Read More »

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Filling out FAFSA?

I don't know much about FAFSA but I can tell you that there are people in the school that can help you fill it out. They are getting the money, so they want to make sure you get the maximum amount... Read More »

How do i get around reporting my parents income when filling out the FAFSA?

A lot of people actually find themselves in your situation because for the purposes of financial aid, the government considers you a dependent until you're 24. Whether or not your parents claim you... Read More »

A little confused.....?

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I'm a little confused! Please help! ?

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