I'm feeling really dizzy?

Answer Drink a cup of water with like 3 table spoon of sugar it helps. And if there someone home to help you ask for help.

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I keep getting dizzy spells and feeling really weak and shaky, had blood test and OK.?

There are many conditions which can cause such symptoms. See a cardiologist.

Feeling dizzy for no reason?

go to make a blood might have reduced red globules which isn't something felt this dizziness on your way to school. it is true that sometimes true that someone's heart can't ca... Read More »

M feeling dizzy what can i do?

You are getting up too fast, belive it or not this is true. Happens to lots of people in different ways, like me, if it happens to me my vision goes slightly white for 2 seconds lol. Its something ... Read More »

Feeling woozy and dizzy?

Could be due to many of things besides diabetes. May be low iron, may be due to lack of O2 to the brain, coud be low blood sugar, and the list goes on.... Best thing to do is consult with a physic... Read More »