Im feeling a little queer?

Answer I was just about to make a crack about feeling a big queer next time....sorry!!I recommend Night Nurse too....also, try taking Echinacea, herbal remedy from any chemist. It will help boost your imm... Read More »

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Feeling a little lightheaded and bad ankle?

Drink water and take a long nap. Try not to over-stimulate yourself. Rest is very important. Get better dude.Also hope that fall in the stairs wasn't serious. You are too awesome to suffer a seriou... Read More »

Good news but feeling a little sad?

Hey sweetheart, sorry you are feeling so low.Its sad to hear someone feeling like this, but you are in the right place as us fellow TTC's have a problem or two of our own, evn if slightly different... Read More »

What are some songs about feeling depressed, a little lonely and ready to give up?

"Hurt" by Christina Aguilera "Be still" by The Fray(Most of the songs by The Fray are sad and depressing)Pretty much all Coldplay songs.Just look up "Sad songs" on youtube and you will get a lot :)... Read More »

How to Be a Queer Femme?

A femme is a person who an identity in its own right. Being a queer femme means getting to know yourself, rather than dressing up a certain way: but clothes can also make the femme. The term femme ... Read More »