I'm failing out of college, and there's no one to blame but myself. Any advice?

Answer sweety don't feel desperate i recommend you to go to the psychologist in your school cause they must have one and think about what would happen to you if you don't finish school and all the opportu... Read More »

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Should I blame Dell, Intel, or Microsoft (Vista Home) for my computer's constant crashing and failing to wake?

just leave it on actively all the time, homeslice

How to Get Failing Grades Taken Off of Your College Transcripts?

After you register for a college class, a number of things can occur out of your favor. For example, you may have financial troubles or simply have difficulty understanding the subject at first. Wh... Read More »

I blame all great cooks. Can you guess what I blame them for?

Yes!Curse you Keebler elves!You too Girl Scouts!And all you other creators of irresistibly tempting and self-indulgent decadence..

How to Help Students Who Are Failing or in Danger of Failing?

No teacher wants to see her students fail a class. Some teachers may feel that passing a student who is failing or in danger of failing is doing him a favor. However, this is unethical and can actu... Read More »