I'm eating about 400 calories a day should I EAT LESS?

Answer 400 calories is not enough calories for you to exercise and perform daily functions. Don't try to lose weight by starving just isn't healthy. When you say overweight, is this your o... Read More »

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Is eating about 500 calories a day too little?

How many calories should i be eating?

It depends on your age, height, weight and current activity level. I'm linking you a calculator which tells you straight on the dot how many you should eat. Put in your info and get a number. Simpl... Read More »

How many calories a day should I be eating?

Gender, weight, height, age, physical fitness. Obviously, if you’re younger than 21 and still growing, you would need to eat more calories than your BMR to cover growth as well, as to not stunt y... Read More »

How many calories should I be eating,?

The recommended number of calories is 2000 a day. Exercising regularly will also help.