I'm drunk .. And very sick please help 10 points !?

Answer The most you can do now is drink a glass of water and sit in front of the toilet for a few minutes and wait for the rest. If you think you're done being sick, try to get some sleep. Sleep on your s... Read More »

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How much beer do I need to drink to get drunk but not sick?

It all depends on your tolerance to alcohol. If you drink fairly regularly then you will be able to drink more and hold it down better. For someone your size I would start with three tallboys and s... Read More »

Drunk and now sick whats wrong?

You gave yourself a hang over . Through out today tho you will want to drink plenty of non alcoholic beverages . Keep your self hydrated so as you dont make it worse on yourself .Sleep will also h... Read More »

Got drunk yesterday .. just been sick .. mum and dad have found out i have been drinking .. what shall i do ?

What you did is illegal, and very dangerous. When esp a young persongets very drunk, they can pass out, and die. Alcohol affects the brainsof children differently than adults, and this is one of ... Read More »

Am I going to be sick Easy 10 points!?

Usually the stomach bug lasts for 24 hours, and if she was at school and eating, she was probably over that 24 hours or she would still feel sick. There's a tiny chance you could get it, but it isn... Read More »