I'm doing a survey for school, plz answer!?

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How to unlock the webpage wihout doing the survey and does the survey harmful to my pc?

The surveys you take result in a lot of spam mail that may lead to phishing scams and virusesTo bypass the surveys what you can do is "hack" the site. Just view the source code and find the links t... Read More »

EVERYBODY ANSWER......ANSWER!!!!! survey!!?

Tampons.You have wayy more freedom with tampons compared to pads.Pads are like wearing a damn diaper! They feel so gross.

I am doing a survey. Facebook or myspace or other?

depends on what im looking for...for actual info and to check up on ppl and catch up with people i like facebookbut if i wna hav fun and decorate and place pictures and stuff and express who i am a... Read More »

I'm doing a personal survey on people who ride only...?

No. Smoking is a disgusting habit of the weak-minded.EDIT- Thanks for all the thumbs down, people. To come clean, I should say that I'm a former 2-pack a day smoker who quit cold-turkey sometime in... Read More »