I'm diabetic, is it normal to have chest pain while blood sugar is rapidly changing?

Answer Chest pain is never normal .

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Is it normal to have a little chest pain every once in a while?

It is very normal. Mild chest pain can be caused by gas, indigestion, anxiety or any number of non-serious conditions.

What is a normal morning non-diabetic blood sugar reading.?

Morning: 80 to 110. Post meal: Probably no more than 120 to 130. Bedtime: 90 to 120BTW, these numbers are the same for a diabetic who is controlling their blood sugar well. The higher they get, the... Read More »

Do non diabetic thin people typically have lower blood sugar?

Didn't your doctor show more concern for you since you are emaciated ? You do need some more weight on you.Your Blood sugar is too low .Thin people get diabetes too.Thin people with diabetes have h... Read More »

My fasting blood sugar is 133 mg/dl. Am I a diabetic or prediabetic I have a family history of diabetes.?

It is a tad bit on the high side, but what about other symptoms? frequent thirst and urination? blurred vison? unexplained weight loss? I'd definitely keep an eye on my blood glucose levels if ... Read More »