I'm curious to know my preschooler IQ There is a way?

Answer He is smart if he's able to read & is intuitive. I agree, don't label him.It seems like everytime I come to work & brag about how my 4 y/o learned how to read a certain word .. someone has to bring... Read More »

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Hey all I was just curious is there body builders in there 30's that are ripped?

No, you'll be fat and retarded you're entire life.

MJ Fans I'm just curious to know?

I Love all them songs, their all so amazingHe was an amazing singer and dancerThe King of Pop won't EVER be forgotten.I watched his movie 'This is it' at the cinemait was brilliant, i loved it, i c... Read More »

Just curious to know,what is scam?

Definition of scam: A fraudulent scheme performed by a dishonest individual, group, or company in an attempt obtain money or something else of value.

Curious to know if any small business is initerested in hosted PBX?

I am familiar with the concept of hosted PBX.Here are a couple VoIP services that provide hosted PBX:Packet8…RingCentral Read More »