I'm curious about other people's experience with FAFSA !!?

Answer What will happen is the college is going to have you fill out extra forms. With those forms they will have you list all of your costs for the year, like food, rent, electric all of that. They the... Read More »

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Where can you get other peoples opinions about Dancing with the stars?

Ryan Seacrest announced 97.5 millions votes came in. That obviously isn't the amount of people who voted.

Curious about breastfeeding laws in other areas?

Can't really say more than Faith's mummy. Laws are in place against stopping breastfeeders in the whole of the UK.I did know a woman who was in a cafe and was told by a member of staff that "if you... Read More »

I need help with clutter control, especially of 'other peoples/dead relatives stuff that I ended up with.?

National Geographics from the 1960's are worth nothing:…I would ask your local library if they want them to complete their collection -- if not, recycle th... Read More »

Now that we can see each other through these new PC screens are you disappointed with some peoples looks?

Damn now I will actually have to brush my hair in the morning sigh :)