I'm craving chocolate!! What is a good healthy substitute?

Answer a piece of dark chocolate every day is good for your health...and once a week you can enjoy a chocolate's ok!

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I need a really good healthy substitute for bread?

The food Pyramid says that you can have 6 servings of grain a day. Translate that into 6 slices of bread. So, depending on what you putting between the slices, you can have it. And using wholewheat... Read More »

Can you substitute unsweetened chocolate for chocolate chips?

If you have run out of semi-sweet chocolate chips, you can substitute unsweetened chocolate, but you will need to add some sugar. For every 1 and 2/3 ozs. of semisweet chocolate chips, add 1 oz. un... Read More »

Why do I feel faint and have a craving for chocolate?

chocolate especially the dark chocolate is very high in iron and also has quite a bit of Vit D in it. go eat your chocolate in the sun while walking to get exercise!!

How to Use Cocoa as a Chocolate Substitute?

Missing the right chocolate for the recipe? Craving that chocolate cake? Need a quick substitution for chocolate? Here are some chocolate substitutions. Not all will work as well as the original re... Read More »