I'm confused,do women with large breasts have fatter babies?

Answer God, if that were true and I decided to have babbies, my kids would come out looking like freaking linebackers.

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What do you think of women with large breasts?

Pics or GTFO!!! Also, I prefer anal. That's a selling point for me. Not breasts.

Is it just me, or are babies getting fatter these days?

My generation is lazy. And the one coming up is even lazier! We need a food revolution as well as more physical output from parents and kids alike. Lazy parenting = unhealthy children.Also, no food... Read More »

About Large Breasts?

Life with an above-average bustline can be frustrating. Finding clothes that fit is a challenge, and a good bra may sometimes seem like an impossibility. Women with extremely large breasts may expe... Read More »

What is another name for large breasts?

The National Institutes of Health Office of Rare Diseases Research explains that another name for very large breasts is gigantomastia. Women with gigantomastia have breasts equal to or larger than ... Read More »