I'm confused,do women with large breasts have fatter babies?

Answer God, if that were true and I decided to have babbies, my kids would come out looking like freaking linebackers.

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What do you think of women with large breasts?

Pics or GTFO!!! Also, I prefer anal. That's a selling point for me. Not breasts.

Can women have babies with the HPV virus?

HPV generally does not affect fertility. If a woman has genital warts resulting from HPV infection, it's possible, although rare, for her baby to contract the HPV virus during birth. Doctors may re... Read More »

I have very large breasts?

I can't sleep on my stomach due to my large breasts and sleep on my side. Gin or whiskey are good, but not too much or you could literally choke on your boobs. It's how I hope to die.

What should I do with my large chicken breasts?

use them as well as your feathery snatch to tempt roosters. cuck a doodle doo. oly out