I'm confused can u help me?

Answer get a few books at the library on cooking vegetarian or vegan foods*find out all that you can and explore it*

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Please help, i am very confused and i need help asap thanx?

I don't know the exact rules here in Virginia. But most probably you get a learner permit and permission to drive for about 40 days or more then you give test and get your licence.

Help I'm confused I need your help?

if you're texting an iPhone you can use the number. For everything else you type in the person's email address that they are using for their iMessage account. You can set up all your iMessage prefe... Read More »

Confused someone help?

Since your stomach was empty you might have got stomach up set.

Im so confused! please help!!!?

Wake up , Hello $7.50x20x4=$620.00 not 3kyou would have to work 20 hours a day 5 days a week 4 weeks per mo to make $3000.00