Im concerned about email i got. what do i do anyone help pls?

Answer DONT WORRY...forward it to let them deal with it. Its only someone trying it on to get you to give personal details. If it was GENUINELY from Paypal the mail would open with Dear" ... Read More »

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Should I be concerned that these scammers know my email address?

Not heard of this one before but it sounds like a scam, no professional would tell you "you're stupid" and hang up. I would let your e-mail provider know what happened incase they know more about i... Read More »

Are you as concerned as I am?

yes absolutely its just another invitation for sicko's. Good question!

Should I be concerned?

Get back to our country and see a doc, sounds like maybe Mono, but could be any number of things from a simple allergy to something more severe.

Is this something I should be concerned about?

Yeah, it sounds like a problem to me. You really might want to get an electrician out there to take a look, especially if there are other electrical problems in the house. I think the expense wou... Read More »