Im concerned about email i got. what do i do anyone help pls?

Answer DONT WORRY...forward it to let them deal with it. Its only someone trying it on to get you to give personal details. If it was GENUINELY from Paypal the mail would open with Dear" ... Read More »

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A relative of mine has had a BP reading of 250/150 and is concerned about heart. Does anyone know about this?

That person should be concerned about their heart, that reading is way too high for anyone - advise this relative to go to the doctor or hospial ASAP

I'm concerned about my niece, please help?

Congrats. Your niece is gonna be a raver kid.My daughter is 4 and she already has a taste for crap music. She heard this song by Soulja boy's COUSIN named Precious, and she sings it every day! AND ... Read More »

Is anyone else concerned about how having such a politically correct society will affect your child?

I can't read your whole post because I'm lazy and ADD today...But I too DETEST Ming Ming...and don't allow that stupid show in my house either. And YES I think that tolerance is one thing...walkin... Read More »

Just done weights for the first time, concerned about my heart, please someone help a person with anxiety?

Hi Tonin !I was in the same boat as you a year back.I struggled with anxiety and was ready to give up!I’m here to tell you that you should never give up, there is still hope!A website that helped... Read More »