I'm clenching my teeth in my sleep?

Answer Your dentist can fit you with a night guard.

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Teeth clenching at night?

It could be. But you could also have TMJ, which is characterized by teeth grinding, especially if you notice that you've been waking up with headaches and jaw soreness alot. Warm, moist compresse... Read More »

Does clenching your teeth make your jaw muscles bigger ?

You can overdevelop your masseter muscle from clenching, which isn't a good thing (clenching causes all sorts of problems with your jaw and teeth). If you notice people with strong masseter muscle... Read More »

How does a mouth guard stop you from clenching/grinding your teeth & how effective are they?

Hi! I've got one, got it a year ago and it works! Cost me about the same as your estimate.You do clench on it to start with, but not as much as teeth to teeth, as you get used to it you stop comple... Read More »

Clenching/Clicking jaw during sleep after infected wisdom tooth removal is causing severe pain. Help!?

For now, put a cold pack on it for 20 minutes at a time to reduce swelling.From your description, jumping up in sudden extreme pain, the clicking of your jaw may have pinched a nerve. Since it doe... Read More »