I'm buying a new printer but dont want to spend more than 60 quid. any ideas?

Answer…Good range here

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How do I convince my aunt to visit me My uncle n her divorced years ago n they still see each other but I miss her so much and I want her to see me more often n i want to spend more time with her?

Just tell Her that you miss her and that you want her to come someday ....

What brand of printers are the best i want a printer which is not more than $100?

Depends what you want.I have a Samsung ML-2510 Laser Printer.…I get two years out of a toner cartridge at $40 bucks.I paid around a hundred bucks four year... Read More »

I really want a good speaker system I can hook up to my droid but I want to spend no more then 50 dollars.?

Earbuds would be your best choice for the money. Shop around and you will be pleasantly surprised.Best.

Do you think i should spend money at vs, if they dont want thick people in there!?

You can spend your money where ever you want. It's your choice. Sexiness comes from confidence.