I'm buying a new laptop-should I get XP or Vista?

Answer Windows Vista, it's easier to use and more user-friendly. I have Windows Vista Home Premium, and it's great! There aren't alot of bugs, and Windows Vista SP1 is going to come out sometime in the ne... Read More »

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I'm buying a new Dell Latitude laptop and want to know if I should get XP or Vista?

To be frank, Vista really sucks.I highly recommend Windows XP Professional SP2. Vista has many security issues. The only point in Vista is visual appeal and eye candy. In Vista, you do not have tot... Read More »

I'm buying my first laptop soon and don't know whether to get XP or Vista, are there any drawbacks to Vista?

I have Vista Ultimate and it is awesome, especially for media.But to answer your question, as no one else has, yes there are drawbacks. Your peripherals like printer, scanner must be vista certifie... Read More »

My dad is finally buying me a laptop. Vista or XP?

i would go with XPit is way easyer than vistamy family got a vista back in like sept. and we hate itit dosnt come with sh-it( powerpoint or word) just the basic stuffits soo complicatedand im a com... Read More »

Im going to be buying a laptop - XP or Vista?

Go XP. I have Windows Vista and it is awful. Hardly anything is compatible with Vista, and there are so many bugs with Vista that Microsoft is still working on. There are a lot of reviews on window... Read More »