I'm buying a DVD player and I want to know if I should purchase a Blue Ray or a regular DVD player.?

Answer That depends. If you have an HD TV and/or a surround sound system then it is definatelly worth the extra money for blu-ray.If you have a standard definition tv and no surround sound and do not plan... Read More »

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Does it damage the blue ray player to play regular dvds in the blue ray player?

Should I purchase a HD DVD player or a Blue Ray player Which format will win the race?

Everyone is correct.... Toshiba the people that made HD-DVD announced that as of March 08 nothing new will be made in the HD-DVD format.No Players no new HD-DVD movies Read More »

What is the difference between a regular DVD player and blue ray DVD player?

The main difference is the color of the laser used. Regular DVD players have used the traditional red laser, whereas the new Blu-Ray DVD players use an innovative blue laser. So what's the big de... Read More »

What can you do if you play regular DVD's in your blue ray player and your blue ray player wont' play blue ray DVD's anymore?

Dumbo Blu-Ray/DVD combo should be released in the United States by May or June 2011.