I'm broke, but really want a pizza. Is there anyway to get one for free?

Answer Whores should not have problems for free pizza

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I didn't really want to get dragged into the revolution, but I'm gonna ask anyway?

Here is my take on the whole thing. When these pictures are put up... it is in support of breastfeeding. The more people see it, the more used to seeing it they will be. It is a sad reality that it... Read More »

Is there anyway you can refuse to go through a DNA test to establish paternity the possible father does not want custody and i dont want child support he just wants visitation?

DNA ordered answer Why do you need to establish who the father is if you do not want child support and the proposed father does not want custody? By you writing a post the way you did offers the ... Read More »

Is there anyway to get phonesex for free?

Is there anyway to heal up light scratches really quickly?

hydrogen peroxide, i use it on my acne scars and it lightens them really quickly.