I'm both a celiac and vegetarian and i have been experiencing some problems?

Answer Okay, I'm not saying this is it, but you might want to check on something called 'rapid gastric emptying' or 'dumping syndrome.'… (you'll want to check t... Read More »

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I'm a dancer and have been experiencing ankle pain for several months now.?

It may be a sprain. Generally the best treatment for this sort of thing is rest, ice, compression and elevation.

I am a Vegetarian with Celiac Disease and feel I am lacking several nutrients, where can I find them?

speak to your Doctor about having a referral to a dietitian. He/she will be only too pleased that you've asked for help rather than try to struggle on blindly and maybe not get it quite right.

Is it normal if you are six weeks pregnant and have been having some sharp sudden pains some low in your abdomen and some up towards your ribs but you have had no blood?

Answer I am also six weeks and have experienced the same thing. It may be what is called "round ligament pain". Here's a page that will explain it..... Read More »

How long have you been a vegetarian for?