I'm bored and i wanna do something with the computer?

Answer Some ideas I discovered while I was at work. They're not really projects but they are entertaining.Yahoo! games "Text Twist" game: Desktop Tower Defensehttp... Read More »

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What is the rest of the Jodie call 'I wanna be a navy pilot I wanna fly an F-14 i wanna fly with the cock pit open I wanna hear them commies scream'?

The Amish are not members of the church at birth. They're not permitted to join the church until they're adults. There's a period before this decision in made, known as Rumspringa. During this time... Read More »

Wanna know something cool?

Ladies,i wanna tell you something.?

Okay buddy, what did you do? C'mon, fess up... You must be in some sort of trouble. Who did you kill?C'mon......... speak up.

I wanna ask all "types" of MJ fans something...?

*everyone is losing sight on whats important and thats MICHAEL!*gosh, it like i cant answer "michael" questions anymore because theyve turned into "michael fans" questions