I'm attracted to a girl I saw in a picture on Facebook?

Answer i reckon you should just add her as a friend .... she probably gets loads of people adding her all the time so she she won't even notice... and when you add her as a friend whats the worst that cou... Read More »

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How to Make a Girl Attracted to You?

Have you ever found yourself standing next to a girl who you really like, but can't seem to get her to notice you? Well here's how to show her you're interested and hopefully make her interested in... Read More »

A Sign Through Facebook That She Might Be Interested Or Attracted (10 points)?

(Guys) Will you not be attracted to a girl b/c she has short hair?

Not all guys like long hair. Short hair (or even bald heads) suit some women just fine.Go with what YOU like. If a guy doesn't like you for your hair, he's too petty anyway.

When i share a picture from instagram to facebook it posts it as a tiny link instead of the picture?

Ehh just save the image and post it to Facebook yourself. Simple. ;-/