I'm at work, exhausted as hell, and all out of syringes....What can I do to perk up?

Answer Well, darling, in the office, I like to perk up with a brisk game of desk darts - tape a push-pin securely to the end of an unsharpened pencil, use three small post-it notes to "fletch" your dart, ... Read More »

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Is Giovanni ribisi in series 2 of friends episode where Phoebe is busking outside central Perk because Chrissie Hynde has taken her slot at Central Perk?

Yes that is Giovanni Ribisi. Phoebe is playing outside Central Perk with her case open, collecting tips. Ribisi comes and digs in the case because he dropped a condom in there. This is plausible be... Read More »

How to tell difference between being lazy and being very exhausted to work out more?

Lazy is when you can't be bothered to exercise at all, you do plenty. If you keep exercising when you are past that point of exhaustion, you are over-exercising.

I,m loosing 5points asking why the hell is y/a having a coffee break ,get back to work.?

Give them a little break...we'll make them do overtime during christmas!!!

How to Perk Coffee?

Do you prefer percolated coffee? Here is how to make percolated coffee.