Im approaching my 16th birthday and I still dont have a cell phone, how am I to get my parents to get me one?

Answer Tell them since you will probably be driving soon, it would be a good idea to have a cell phone in case of emergencies so you won't be stranded in case something happens. Or tell your parents it'... Read More »

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My sister is having her 16th birthday soon but the problem is that she doesnt have very many friends and our parents are on a low budget so how can i give her the best sweet 16?

That is very sweet and thoughtful!I have 1 suggestion: Ask your parents if they can afford to take the family to dinner at a restaurant of her choice and if she can invite a friend or two.Let the ... Read More »

Hi , im 13 and i want to get a phone but my parents dont think im old enough for it or i need it , help me?

Honey, you AREN'T old enough. You're 13. What could you possibly need a phone for? I'm assuming you're talking about a cell phone. You're probably not going to be going anywhere alone to need a pho... Read More »

When some 1 calls my home phone is there any way if i dont answer after 3 rings it can go direct 2 my cell pho?

there is a feature called Find Me-Follow Me....that will do just what you want!! Follow Me, Find Me is a call hunting feature that allows you to enter up to five phone numbers to ring in sequence. ... Read More »

How can you tell if your parents are getting you a cell phone?

Until they actually tell you or give you a phone you can't know for sure. You might have some clues from them, however. Have they hinted around at all about a phone? Have they been asking you quest... Read More »