I'm an internet addict i just can't get off?

Answer I've had an internet addiction too... It's not so bad anymore, because nowadays I'm just bored of my computer/internet all together (I still go on anyway, because of Kpop LOL and it's not really po... Read More »

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I just installed linux Ubuntu on my laptop and i cant seem to Connect to the internet?

Your linksys adapter will need the correct driver to work with Ubuntu. You can use the windows driver if you install and use ndiswrapper. This driver will allow windows wireless drivers to work. Y... Read More »

Are you an internet addict?

your not alone. just got it and can't stay off. sleep a little while then gp right back to it next thing i know 4hrs. went by. it's fairly harmless though as far as addictions go.

I have become internet addict. How to get rid off it?

How do you stop surfing the internet so much? Get a real life.

My boyfriend just smoked crack last weekend. He is a recovering addict. What do I do now?

You need to be away from him until he is ready to deal with it himself. if you think he is a danger to himself, call the cops. if you are underage, speak to a person in authority.