I'm an addict and I need help?

Answer opportunity comes once in a lifetime yo

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How to Get Rid of an Addict?

Drug addiction can be difficult, not just for the addict, but also for his friends and family. A serious addiction can drain a family's time, money and resources, in addition to imposing a huge emo... Read More »

I'm an internet addict i just can't get off?

I've had an internet addiction too... It's not so bad anymore, because nowadays I'm just bored of my computer/internet all together (I still go on anyway, because of Kpop LOL and it's not really po... Read More »

Are you an internet addict?

your not alone. just got it and can't stay off. sleep a little while then gp right back to it next thing i know 4hrs. went by. it's fairly harmless though as far as addictions go.

Anyone a Ebay addict....?

Used to be! I would buy video games, and collectable things JUST FOR THE SAKE OF IT. Now the way of Ebay has haunted me, for now I need to stick a lot of my things (that I bought too much of) onto ... Read More »