I'm always so tired...what's wrong?

Answer 7 hours is very little you do realise right? The average adult needs about 8 hours to function properly in the day but for a kid it's more than that.

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I AM ALWAYS COLD. What is wrong with me?

Hi.There is quite a bit of variation amongst people when it comes to their sense of the outside temperatures. Often one person might report feeling hot, whereas the person standing next to him/her... Read More »

Are Starbucks ALWAYS on corners (Sorry have to prove the gf wrong)?

No, they're not always on corners, but they like to be. Since Starbucks is completely corporately owned, the company hires people to scout out the most visible and accessible spots for their store... Read More »

Always Hungry, Weak, Faint What's wrong with me!?

hello,these type of inflammations are exhausting for the body. it is possible your body is still trying to recover. most chances you lack iron and other vitamins and now your body i... Read More »

Why does my nans insulin pen always leak whats she doing wrong?

I do not pinch up my skin to inject using the insulin pens. I do press the button slowly and not pull it out for about 15 seconds after finishing the injection. BD has out some super fine pen needl... Read More »