Im always sleepy, what can help?

Answer so do iif u find a good answer for this question tell me :)

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What is the cause if someone feels always sleepy and tired?

There are a lot of possibilities such as depression, anemia, Hypothyroidism, lack of sleep, etc. If you are concerned, as suggested, see a doctor. They can do testing and discuss what may be goin... Read More »

How come I always look sleepy when I'm not?

Some people have "raccoon" eyes as some call it. I have these too and am always asked if I'm tired. The best thing to do would probably get a rejuvenating face wash (even if you are a guy), because... Read More »

Why would you always feel sleepy in class?

Answer There are a few answers. One, is that you felt sleepy one day, and now, revisiting the same environment, your behavior is repeated. Two, something in the classroom cues you to feel sleepy: t... Read More »

I'm at work and so sleepy, I'm about to fall asleep. Help me! What can do to stay awake?