Im always sleeping curled in a ball help !?

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Why are babies always sleeping when they are born?

Not all babies are a sleep when they are born. Most of them are awake and crying. Go to to find out more information.

Can those who always sleep on the right side or left side of the bed be comfortable sleeping on either side?

Usually on my left side, hugging a full length body pillow..I once read somewhere that men are more likely to hug a pillow during sleep. (what ever that means)..But I guess I'm one of them..((Cammi))

How do you use an exercise ball to help bring the baby down to help with the dilation and thinning?

Trouble sleeping help?

Try drinking chamomile tea it helps relax you! Read about it online. Chamomile tea has been shown to work as a depressant that can soothe one's nerves and bring in relaxation, which can lead to sle... Read More »