I'm always feeling hungry and over-eat but i'm trying to watch my weight..?

Answer The sugars are the reason you're always feeling hungry. They offer quick energy, but the body metablizes sugar quickly and can leave you feeling weak and drained. 15 minutes a day is a good start ... Read More »

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When do you stop feeling hungry when fasting?

you are still drinking water and keeping yourself nourished, right? It's also advisable to take some light soup/broth the first few times you do it to help ease you into the experience and it's no... Read More »

When do you stop feeling hungry when water fasting?

The day you die? Don't ask about water fasting in the diabetes section. Fasting like that is really bad for any diabetic so it is not something to encourage.

Does feeling sick and hungry and tired all the time mean I'm pregnant I was meant to get my period but it's nearly a week late?

It doesn't necessarily mean that you're pregnant but if you've had sex recently then it's a possibility. Take a pregnancy test. If it's negative and you miss your next period as well then go and se... Read More »

How to Lose Weight Without Going Hungry?

Many people know they need to lose weight, but dread the thought of going on a diet to feel the hunger that generally accompanies cutting back on daily food intake. However, with a bit of new knowl... Read More »