I'm always feeling hungry and over-eat but i'm trying to watch my weight..?

Answer The sugars are the reason you're always feeling hungry. They offer quick energy, but the body metablizes sugar quickly and can leave you feeling weak and drained. 15 minutes a day is a good start ... Read More »

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Why am I Always Hungry?

Take a look at your diet. If it's mostly carbohydrates, then your body will burn it up fast and you'll be hungry long before mealtime. Eat some protein, with lots of dietary fiber, to keep you fu... Read More »

Why am I always hungry at night?

because you skip lunch thats why your so hungry, you need to eat a big breakfast and at least a small meal for lunch and then dinner and in between your meals eat a healthy snack like , crackers an... Read More »

I am on a diet and am always hungry...any ideas...?

Ok you want to diet not starve yourself so here's what you do.1.) Give yourself a daily caloric limit - don't go below 1250 or so or it won't be healthy2.) Watch what you eat - no junk food, fast f... Read More »

Why am i always hungry after dinner?

This could be a result of not having enough water (because sometimes your body confuses the feeling of hunger with thirst). Slowly drink a glass of water and wait a few minutes and that should curb... Read More »