I'm always eating steamed vegetable. Am I getting any vitamins this way?

Answer Yes you're still getting nutrients from the veggies you steam. Despite the fact that you do lose some of the nutrients, as you will with most veggies when you cook them in any way, especially if y... Read More »

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How to Make Oven Steamed Rice in Vegetable Stock?

Cooking rice in the oven by steaming is a moist way to prepare rice. While it's gently cooking away, you can get on with making a curry, a casserole or any other dish that you're going to serve the... Read More »

Question about vitamins and eating?

Nikky, EAT! You are not fat. Take your vitamins and eat healthy, but please don't starve yourself. We don't need another 85 pound Lindsy Lohan. That's not sexy at all. When a woman's ribs and s... Read More »

Can your child get cavities from eating jolly rancher flavored vitamins and?

No. It is just a flavor, chemicals put in the paste to make it taste like fruit etc.It is not really the same substance used in sweets.Just make sure your kid brushes thoroughly twice a day and the... Read More »

How to get rid of slugs from my garden,They are eating my vegetable plants.?

sprinkle slug pellets around your plants.