I'm always cold is it something you could suggest I take to build blood.?

Answer Exercise

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Suggest me a good amd gaming build ?

"1.amd fx 8150+hd 6670+ biostar a880gz"Don't get a 6670 - I hope that's a typo. 6770 is fine for low end gaming, but grab a 6850 if you can swing it. I know the price difference is small here in ... Read More »

I am a diabetic i need to loose weight and lower my blood sugar. I am so weak i need help! what do you suggest?

Speak to a nutritionist about a low carb diet which is perfectly safe for diabetics but you will need an expert to explain it thoroughly as you may feel weaker for the first few days which is norma... Read More »

What are the symbols in In Cold Blood?

The Diary: hope for a future Nancy's Red Dress: blood shedThe men taking the nun's pantie hose: Lack of control and mental illnessShotgun: DeathRopes: dominanceTrain: at the end of the book, the tr... Read More »

"Life In Cold Blood" Now this is RTV at it's best! Who agrees?

Yeah my Hubbys been taping them everyweek to keep mrsg.....Nobody does these kinda progs better than Attenborough !!