I'm almost in tears because i just don't understand this!!!?

Answer Yeah, the whole graphics card industry can be fairly confusing. Hopefully I can shed some light on it for you.ASUS and Radeon are brands. ASUS creates computers and computer parts. Radeon is a bran... Read More »

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Mommies please help, i'm almost in tears tonight :(?

I know this is an odd ball answer but it is what happened in my family.How is her diet? Has it changed?. With children they often have different reactions to feeling bad. When they don't have a sor... Read More »

My girlfriend has shaved off her "WELCOME MAT" and i dont like it because it dont look or feel the same?

Don't be so fussy....least you can now see what your eating!!

2ww begins.... but i just dont have a good feeling about this month!?

My guess is since you get that spotting most months that that is ovulation spotting, It also works time wise. It tends to happen during the few days before ovulation and is actually caused by th... Read More »

Just downloaded incridimail and dont like it. How do I get this removed from my computer?

You need permission because it has a link into a functioning program. What system are you running is the next thing you need to answer. If it is XP, then you can shut down everything in your desk... Read More »