Im almost 20 stone and im 17 i think im over weight?

Answer Unless yopu are 8'9" you are over weight!

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Is 5 ft 4 14 stone 9lbs over weight?

I see this kind of question every day here you go…

What do you think of people who are over weight.?

It isn't as simple as that. I am overweight (obese) and it makes me very unhappy but it isn't easy to lose weight as you get older and infirm. I can't take exercise, except for swimming, which I ... Read More »

If a over weight girl has a pretty face could you look past the weight issue?

To be honest NO..As a guy there has to be psychical attraction, and that means slimmish, tallish and pretty, or sexy looking.What about girls who are slim and sex but also have a pretty face? obvio... Read More »

How do you know if you're stomach flu is almost over?

It varies from person to person, virus to virus. If you got a stomach bug from something you ate (more commonly known as food poisoning) then the symptoms may only last as long as it takes for your... Read More »