Im addicted to Red Bull....?

Answer YUK. I really hate the smell of it. My brother drinks it in Vodka and it stinks. Thank god I don't sit with him much. bad for you and your nose.

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I heard red bull is made with real bull semen. Is that true ?

HAHA!!! We researched it a little further and it's secretion of the liver! It might not be semen but it's still gross!!

Why am i addicted to Tea?

The only thing you could be physically addicted to is the caffeine, but since you can drink any kind of tea at all (including those with very little caffeine in them), I don't think that's the case... Read More »

How to Not Get Addicted to Something?

Ever get addicted to a game, habit, or whatever, and you want to stop it? This is the guide on how to stop it before it happens.

Please help I think i'm addicted......?

Congratulations you have just contracted "Yahoodelers disease"