Im about to order chinese food - whats nice ?

Answer Cream of sum yung I heard that in a joke once. Sorry I couldnt resist.

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Is cooking your own chinese food as nice as buying it from the shop?

no, you cant beat the chinese at their own game.

Chinese food - what do you always order?

Fried rice, along with either vegetable bean curd, or princess chicken , or Mongolian pork, or occasionally something else. Won ton soup, except vegetable soup with the pork. Oh- and water without ... Read More »

What do you order when you eat Chinese food?

Sweet n' Sour ChickenShrimp Fried RiceSpring roll/egg rollSometimes I'll order mongolian beef and chicken fried rice.

How to Order Chinese Food Over the Phone?

Chinese food deliveryJust like ordering a pizza, it is easy to place an order for Chinese food over the phone when you don't want to cook yourself. This article offers steps on how to order Chinese... Read More »