I'm a vegetarian teenager in need of energy--can anyone help?

Answer try a salad that does not need heating. Combine these ingredients in equal amounts and dress with mild or spicy picante sauce, which ever you prefer.1 cup cooked whole wheat pasta1 cup cooked bean... Read More »

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I need help I'm a vegetarian...?

Dairy cows are injected with hormones and antibiotics, and their food is laced with pesticides. (This is to decrease the amount of insects attracted to their feces, a major problem in industrial da... Read More »

Going vegetarian i need help?

To make sure you get all your nutrients, drink at least eight glasses of water and eat a wide variety of different foods. Vegetarians can obtain protein by eating a balance of incomplete proteins e... Read More »

I Need Help.. I'm Trying To Become Vegetarian!?

What on earth are you trying to do?I hope the headaches aren't caused by any of this.People often harm themselves by not knowing enough about health requirements for our bodies, and that goes for b... Read More »

I need a better vegetarian diet, help!?

To be totally honest, eating vegetarian can be really really cheap. For breakfast this morning, I had oatmeal (offbrand oatmeal ~ 1.50 for a giant tube) with blueberries (~4 for a whole bag, frozen... Read More »